Dr. Philip Leveson, Chief Scientist

Dr. Leveson graduated from Sheffield University (England) with a Bachelors’s degree in Chemical Engineering with a specialization in Fuel Technologies. After graduating Dr. Leveson remained at Sheffield and completed a Ph.D. focused specifically on the oxygen enrichment of combustion systems. Upon completion of his Ph.D., Dr. Leveson accepted a position at the State University of Campinas, in Brazil, where he worked on advanced processes for the gasification of sugar cane to produce hydrogen. In 2000 Dr. Leveson returned to the United Kingdom and began working at the center for Process Intensification and Innovation based at the school of Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials of Newcastle University. In 2004 Dr. Leveson relocated to Clarkson University, in Potsdam, New York where he helped Clarkson establish a Process Intensification and Clean Technology Group.