Syngas can be utilized to synthesize liquid hydrocarbons including; distillate fuels (such as diesel fuel and kerosene), alcohols (such as methanol and ethanol) and fertilizers (such as ammonia). Production of highly valuable fuels and alcohols from renewable resources on a distributed scale will create a paradigm shift in current energy markets. Empowering communities to produce their own local heat, baseload electricity and liquid fuels will drive the biomass market to the forefront of the renewable energy sector.

ZeroPoint’s gasification technology has been tested on a wide array of biomass fuels and performs particularly well with woody fuels, palm residues and bagasses. The technology is appropriately scaled for the highly local reality of global biomass markets. ZeroPoint has a number of patents and patents pending for its gasification technology and the manner in which that technology can be combined with other relevant energy production and water purification systems.