ZeroPoint Clean Tech, Inc. was established over ten years ago by a group of scientists and serial entrepreneurs with a track record in the field of biofuels and bioenergy. The company has a proprietary downdraft gasification technology to produce green, sustainable, and tar-free syngas. ZeroPoint has successfully deployed its technology on multiple locations, including the US, Northern Ireland, Bulgaria, and now the Netherlands. 

To date, ZeroPoint focused primarily on CHP projects combusting syngas in engines and boilers. Recently, the company partnered with credible OEMs in the fields of hydrogen extraction and methanation of green syngas. ZeroPoint is also actively working on machine learning and the implementation of artificial intelligence in small-scale power plants. 

ZeroPoint has a capable team of in-house mechanical, process, electrical, and automation engineers, as well as project management expertise to assure successful completion of even the most challenging projects.