ZeroPoint Clean Tech, Inc. U.S. Patent Number: US 7,569,204
Additional International and U.S. Patents Pending

When biomass is heated in the absence of oxygen it decomposes into a mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide known as synthesis gas or "syngas". This clean burning syngas is a valuable energy product that can be used in a wide variety of applications. ZeroPoint systems do not incinerate and emit no harmful emissions. The emissions produced by syngas combustion are the same or better than those for natural gas combustion.

Combustion is a function of the mixture of oxygen with a hydrocarbon fuel. Gaseous fuels mix with oxygen more easily than liquid fuels, which in turn mix more easily than solid fuels. Syngas therefore burns more efficiently and cleanly than the solid biomass from which it is made. Like natural gas, syngas can also be burned in boilers, furnaces and generators to make electricity and heat.

ZeroPoint's gasification technology is simple yet robust and can process a wide array of biomass feedstocks. ZeroPoint has a number of patents and patents pending for its gasification technology and the manner in which that technology can be combined with other relevant energy production and water purification systems.

ZP_Building_Truck_2 copy
Original ZeroPoint Pilot Plant in Potsdam, NY with GM cellulosic diesel test vehicle

ZeroPoint believes that it has tested a wider range of feedstocks and run at higher throughputs than any other downdraft  gasifier in the world. 

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