Biomass Renewable Energy
ZeroPoint Clean Tech, Inc. deploys biomass solutions to make renewable energy and sequester carbon. ZeroPoint's modular, multi-feedstock gasification technology is built to international codes and is priced to create highly attractive economics. The ZeroPoint solution is built with industry leading OEM components by the world's highest quality manufacturers. Skid mounted equipment is packaged into turnkey plants and delivered with leading engineering, procurement and construction firms.

The company is currently deploying its Renewable CHP Solution into combined heat and power projects in Northern Ireland and Germany. ZeroPoint has established joint venture relationships in Northern Europe, The U.K., South America, and Southeast Asia. We are now actively developing distributed biomass energy projects in North America as well. 
ZeroPoint renewable energy technologies can deliver carbon-neutral synthesis gas, electricity, and heat to communities around the world. For further information please click on the Contact tab at the top of this page to reach our sales representative for your region.
October 2017
ZeroPoint Clean Tech breaks ground at Port of Amsterdam as the EPC vendor for Bioenergy Netherlands
Market Opportunities
Waste Water Treatment Plants
offer a unique opportunity for biomass to energy solutions to utilize sludge as fuel to reduce disposal and feedstock costs. Baseload heat and power can be provided to reduce costs and/or generate revenue. Flared methane can be captured and gas scrubbing costs are lower for economic benefit.
Landfill Gas to Energy Projects
with declining gas production curves possess pre-existing infrastructure including; land, buildings, reciprocating engines, grid connections and power purchase agreements. The life and value of these assets are extended and increased with the ZeroPoint solution. Waste wood streams further enhance project economics at many sites seeking alternative uses for this material.
Remote Power Generation
currently occurs with high cost diesel fuel. The ZeroPoint solution offers an attractive replacement or co-fueling opportunity. This solution is economic without subsidies.